Personalised advice on civil law matters.

  • Advice on drafting wills and testaments.
  • Succession planning and dispute resolution.
  • Wills and probate.
  • Eviction proceedings. Enforcement of judgements.
  • Horizontal property. Owners’ association meetings. Challenges to meeting resolutions.
  • Representation of claimant/defendant in actions in contract and tort against insurers and third parties in all related fields, including:
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Damages caused to/by third parties: water, fire, structural failure/collapse, etc.
  • Building rights.
  • Employer and/or occupational liability.
  • Medical negligence.
  • Claims for own damages.

Court, arbitration and mediation proceedings:

  • Management and processing of any manner of court and/or arbitration proceedings concerning this domain.