CENTELL-FOLCH ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS has a team of labour lawyers with a track record of more than forty years. We focus on keeping up our in-depth expertise in the business and specific features of our clients, working closely with them to create and nurture a relationship of trust that enables us to provide efficient and detailed advice whenever required.

We offer innovative solutions to resolve any employment-related situation or dispute that may arise, providing multiple services: strategic planning, social provision, collective bargaining agreements and company-wide agreements, defence of all manner of labour-related litigation, defence facing the labour inspectorate, processing of all manner of administrative case files, and, in particular, collective layoffs and material alterations of work conditions.

Our law firm offers regular advice on the following labour law domains:


We advise our clients in labour disputes on an ongoing basis, undertaking a detailed analysis of the situation at hand so as to provide accurate guidance for the client’s benefit: terminations (individual or collective), restitution proceedings, recovery of damages, collective disputes, fundamental rights litigation, government penalties, occupational accidents, etc.


Management of and guidance for the negotiation and drafting of collective-bargaining agreements.


Throughout our long track record as labour lawyers, CENTELL-FOLCH ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS has defended many cases facing the Spanish Labour Inspectorate, including in litigation proceedings.


CENTELL-FOLCH ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS provides advice on the entire range of business restructuring processes: staff downsizing, partial or total shutdowns involving collective layoffs, retirements, etc. We also advise on and personally attend meetings to negotiate the various social plans attached to collective layoff processes. We also produce studies and feasibility/non-feasibility proposals in crisis situations, proposing measures to be adopted and supporting their implementation by negotiating with the various stakeholders.


We advise on disputes with employees, strikes, crisis procedures and staff downsizing. We also advise on relations and negotiations with staff, strategic management, and implementation of organisational and productive measures to improve business efficiency and performance, while negotiating with stakeholders.


CENTELL-FOLCH ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS undertakes analysis of our clients’ industries, conducts staff audits, analyses costs and identifies competitive advantages and disadvantages with respect to competitors. We focus especially on mergers and acquisitions, workplaces and production units, in cooperation with our colleagues who specialise in commercial, corporate and tax law.


We provide our clients with guidance in drafting employment contracts, with a special focus on the most suitable clauses for the specific situation. We also provide advice on geographical and job position mobility, work conditions, material alterations of terms of employment, etc


We support our clients in all matters relating to social security.


We represent our clients in the labour courts and courts of appeal, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.